About 12 Ridges Vineyard
12 Ridges Vineyard History
12 Ridges Vineyard has a bountiful history that stretches back to the 1960s. What began as grazing land for sheep has been transformed many times over; from a Belgian style village to a Christmas tree farm, a university private event center into a vineyard and tasting room.
Owner Craig Colberg was first introduced to the property by its former name, Skylark Farm, when he was a child and grew up driving past the beautiful landscape on the Blue Ridge Parkway. After a successful career in the investment world, Craig found himself reading an ad in a local newspaper for the property. After touring the property, the same day, Craig put in an offer and closed on the property the day of his birthday in 2010…the best present he could have asked for.
What Makes 12 Ridges Unique
About four years ago, Craig began reading about cool-climate wines. As an avid wine-drinker, he was intrigued by the unique style. Craig has always enjoyed crisp, high-acid whites that are often a product of cool-climate wine-growing regions. After reading a thesis paper outlining the viability of cool-climate wines being grown in South Africa, Craig began to consider the viability of converting Skylark Farm into a vineyard.
At an altitude of over 3,300 feet, 12 Ridges is the highest altitude vineyard in Virginia and the land was begging to be cultivated. Soil tests began not long after, and the land was found to be rich in nutrients with stony, permeable soils.
In 2017, four varietals were planted: Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Noir.
The 12 Ridges Vineyard Vision
Craig plans for 12 Ridges Vineyard to be a premium producer of cool-climate grape varietals in Virginia. The view provides the perfect location for events of all kinds and the backdrop for an experience that will be very hard to forget.
We at 12 Ridges Vineyard are passionate about our heritage and the unique opportunity we have to create something new. Craig is excited about his first harvest and even more excited to share the product of his many years of labor. If you see Craig, don’t hesitate to say hi! His passion for 12 Ridges Vineyard will undoubtedly light a fire within you that will keep you coming back again and again.